1940 MV CHARLES PLUMIER was "appropriated" by the Royal Navy.


1941 - 1942 Royal Navy service as HMS LARGS, Ocean Boarding Vessel (OBV), 
for contraband control and convoy escort duties.
1942 - 1945 Royal Navy HMS LARGS "SCROLL OF HONOURS" for the following  
Operations as a Landing Ship Headquarters (Large) (LSH(L), 
providing a Combined Operations communications headquarters for the Army,
 Navy and Air forces during landing operations until suitable alternative 
facilities could be established on shore :-
November 1942 - Operation TORCH - the Allied invasion of French North Africa (Oran)
June 1943 - Operation CORKSCREW - the Occupation of Pantellaria
July 1943 - Operation HUSKY - the Allied invasion of Sicily
September 1943 - Operation AVALANCHE - the Allied amphibious assault at Salerno

1944 - (Operation OVERLORD) - the Allied invasion of North-West Europe, including :-
June 1944 - Operation NEPTUNE - the Allied invasion of North-West Europe (Normandy) and
August 1944 - Operation DRAGOON - the Allied invasion of Southern France (Ajaccio)
February 1945 - Operation ARGONAUT - the pre-Yalta Conference (Malta)
May 1945 - Operation DRACULA - the sea borne attack on Rangoon
September 1945 -  operation ZIPPER - the Invasion of Malaya